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Selling on eBay with Shopify: Conditions, Requirements, and Costs Included

Interested in selling on eBay with Shopify? What does it take to sell on eBay using the Shopify platform? Read and find out!

Shopify – one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, websites builders, and all-in-one solutions on the market, designed with cloud-based technology is now offering its users to sell their products directly on eBay.

Shopify users can use their online stores to sell through a variety of sales channels including the web, online marketplaces, social media networks, and more.

Once you add eBay as a sales channel/marketplace on your Shopify account, you can manage all orders in one place, accept transactions, and complete sales.

Selling on eBay with Shopify

In 2017, the Shopify platform announced that all users will be able to add their product listing, product information, and sales on eBay, right from the Shopify account. The Shopify platform partnered with eBay marketplace to create a new, attractive sales channel that gives merchants access to a global customer base.

This new partnership has created the Shopify eBay channel that provides immediate syncing of product data. This integration provides a framework for listing product information, descriptions, prices, and more. Once the buyer placed its order on eBay, the order will automatically be registered by Shopify.

Thanks to this partnership, Shopify eBay dropshipping has been made easier and faster. This is because Shopify merchants have been offered the opportunity to present their products to the hundreds of millions of active eBay users, in any part of the world, it can be in the United Kingdom or in Australia, it is up to you. For more information on how to sell on eBay with Shopify, go to www.shopify.co.uk/ebay.

The Conditions & Requirements for Selling

There are a few requirements and conditions which must be met to enjoy the benefits of Shopify eBay partnership:

-You must register for an eBay account. This account will be synced with the Shopify platform and your online store to enable you to sell online.

-The accepted currency is USD.

-You also must have an active seller plan. Shopify offers different ecommerce plans (the cheapest one costs $9/month).

-You must have a PayPal account.

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The Costs for Selling

There are no extra costs or fees related to selling on eBay marketplace. You pay for your Stores Account which may cost you from $24.95 – $349.95/month. All Shopify merchants can open the eBay premium account which offers 3 months subscription and costs $225. This is a limited offer.

The Available subscription plans, as well as the number of products that can be listed for each plan are:

– Basic Plan: This plan is ideal for sellers who list around 250 products/month.

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– Premium plan: This plan is tailored towards sellers who list around 10000 products/month.

– Anchor Plan: This plan is suitable for high-fliers only. It is designed for sellers listing 10.000 products per month.

Through the Shopify eBay integration, the Shopify platform keeps a certain percentage of net revenue made on each product sold through eBay. In other words, each transaction made on the eBay marketplace comes with a value fee.

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Connect with Millions of Buyers All Over the World

There are numerous reasons and benefits why should one consider selling on eBay with Shopify. The most important thing you should know is that you will be able to connect with 175 million buyers from all over the globe.

That means – more sales and increased revenues with less effort. You can list your products on eBay, manage orders and transactions, without leaving the Shopify platform. Shopify automatically connects to eBay, updating descriptions, inventory, images, pricing, and more. All changes are made in real-time.

By tapping into a new marketplace, you can find new customers, double your sales, and grow your business!